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Water Remediation USA, LLC  DBA  Clear Water Weed Removal offers quality chemical free services that turn fishing, sporting, golf course ponds/lakes, and recreational waters into a habitat for enjoyment while maintaining a healthy ecosystem for future generations.

Our mechanical weed removal service is the most efficient way to clean up lakes, ponds, rivers, waterways, etc!
Weed-ridden water is our specialty!

Removing invasive aquatic plants and weeds without chemicals allows any body of water to return to a healthy balance of native plants, fish and microorganisms.
Mechanical weed removal efficiently solves the problems caused by invasive aquatic plants.

lake Weed Removal
Lake Lilly Pad Removal
Lake Foreign Plants Removal
Lake Napier Grass Removal
Lake Cat Tail Removal
Lake Power Plant water clean up
Lake Plastic and Debris Removal
Lake Trash Removal