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Lake Weed Control Golf Course Texas-Louisiana

Many Golf Courses have lake weeds or ponds weeds. Clear Water Weed Removal offers quality chemical free services that turn fishing, sporting, golf course ponds, and recreational waters into a habitat for enjoyment while maintaining a healthy ecosystem for future generations.     Our mechanical weed removal service is the most efficient way to clean up lakes, ponds, rivers, waterways, etc!Weed-ridden water is our specialty! Removing invasive aquatic plants and weeds without chemicals allows any body of water to return to a healthy balance of native plants, fish and microorganisms.Mechanical weed removal efficiently solves the problems caused by invasive aquatic plants.

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Texas Aquatic Lake Weed Cutting and Removal

Texas Aquatic Lake Weed Cutting and Removalaquatic weed cutting It is common for watercourses such as lakes, ponds and canals to become congested with excessive plant growth and be disrupted by invasive plant species. The problems presented by this excessive growth can range from the superficial i.e. spoiling the appearance of the watercourse, to more serious issues such as the suppression of native plants and wildlife, disruption of boats and fishing, reduction of water flow and an increased risk of flooding Aquatic Lake Weed ControlWater management officials agree that regular removal of aquatic weed is the most effective method available...

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